About Us

about us

We are a dynamic, creative, and passionate team in a fun company working to create the geniuses of tomorrow.

At Globalteensworld.com, we are committed to:

  • Helping teenagers achieve high academic goals and career dreams.
  • Cultivating a respectful and engaging work environment that inspires high performance, creativity, innovation, quality, premium client service, growth, diversity, teamwork, and fun.

Global Teens,

Tell us about your dreams, hopes, aspirations, achievement, school projects, field trips, prom, graduation.

Tell us about your school and your outstanding students, teachers, and principals.

Tell us about your incredible talent in music, design, art, drama, modeling, sports, and we will feature you for the world to see.

Regularly, we will run CONTESTS that can win you one of these:

  • A chance to attend our annual T-V Presentation
  • A free one-week Caribbean cruise vacation with your parent
  • A free one-week trip to some of the loveliest places on earth (Hawaii, Disneyworld, Universal Theme Park- Orlando/Los Angeles, Hollywood, Miami, Seattle, San Francisco, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Ghana, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, China, France, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Brazil, Argentina)
  • A free one-week vacation to visit a Queen, King, Princess, Prince
  • A free ticket to the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, World Series, Olympics, World Cup.
  • Our second prize is a Mercedes Benz C300. We present it to you, and you give it to your mom as your special gift to her.
  • Our first prize is a $100,000 to pay for your college education.

Teens, the fun is just beginning for some COOL adventure!