Hello World 1.5 Billion Teens,

As you go through life, you’ll come in contact with all types of people - family members, teachers, coaches, school mates, friends, playmates, teammates, and bosses. And, as you interact with them you would notice some are very nice. They will support and encourage you in every way possible to guarantee your safety and success. You’ll also meet a second group. This group of people might act as if they like you, but in reality they don’t. Some of them might do things to show you they don’t care if you fail or succeed in life. Whenever you make a mistake in their presence, they would say things that are very discouraging. They might say to you: You’re no good, You’re dumb, or You don’t have any talent. Don’t believe in any of that crap!

Teens, every individual has some kind of talent and ability. Besides, the best way to learn and improve in life, school work, play ground activity or on the job is to make a mistake, and learn from that mistake. But, bear in mind not to make the same mistake twice!


Global World Leaders,

Young people are the future generation of this world. Therefore, the wisest and most secure investment you can make right now is one that will ensure their progress and success in the future – by investing in them, by investing in education and health.