Estée Lauder -          Estée Lauder (Making Beauty into Big Business)
Coco Chanel -          Chanel (Fragrance and Fashion)
Oprah Winfrey -          Communications and Entertainment
Yang Lan -          Co-founder Sun Media (China’s Oprah)
Indra Nooyi -          CEO Pepsico
J. K. Rowling -          Creator Henry Porter Fantasy Series
Danielle Fong -          Co-founder Light Sail Energy
Zhang Xin -          Co-founder SOHO China (Real Estate)
C. J. Walker -          Hair Care and Cosmetics for Black Women
Cher Wang -          CEO HTC Smartphone
Tory Burch -          Fashion
Weili Dai -          Co-founder Marvell Technologies



Bill Gates -          Information Technology (Chairman, Microsoft)
Larry Ellison -          Data Co-founder (Chairman ORACLE)
Richard Branson -          Virgin Group, Virgin Records
Donald Trump -          Real Estate, Entertainment
Sam Walton -          Wal-Mart
Larry Page -          (Information Technology) Google
Carlos Slim -          Communications, Real Estate, Media
Thomas Edison -          Electric Light
Henry Ford -          Automobile (Ford)
Ray Kroc -          The Fast Food Industry (McDonald’s)
William Hewlett -          Information Technology (HP/Hewlett-Packard)
David Packard -          Information Technology (HP/Hewlett-Packard)



julia rotich

Ms. Julia Rotich

donald trump

Mr. Donald Trump

Entrepreneurship is the practice or process of starting a new business, owning a business, venture or other entity.

Entrepreneurship requires resourcefulness. It is essential when seeking ways to obtain the capital necessary to start a venture.

Opportunities to meet capital requirements for startup firms can include venture capital, family/friend, and angel funding.


Who Are Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs are individuals who create a business idea; develop a business plan; and establish and manage the business.


What Qualities Do They Possess?

Entrepreneurs are self-starters who exhibit the traits of creative thinkers and risk-takers. They are confident and enjoy challenges. These individuals do not hesitate to “roll up their sleeves” and work hard and long hours. Entrepreneurs tend to think outside of the box which results in them often noting things that others fail to realize. The patience they exhibit enables them to achieve their endeavors and institute positive change and foster growth.

Entrepreneurship propels these individuals with a forward momentum filled with confidence that they will attain their goals and objectives. Other qualities entrepreneurs possess include: Planning, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Communication and Interpersonal Skills.

We are surrounded by entrepreneurs. Many of history's top business leaders earned their success thorough entrepreneurship. This includes Walt Disney – Disney World, Estee Lauder – Estee Lauder, Henry Ford – Ford Motors, Thomas Edison – Light bulbs and Electricity, Alexander Graham Bell – Telephone, George Washington Carver – Discovered 300 uses of peanuts and hundreds more for soybeans, pecans and sweet potatoes, James Naismith – Basketball, John H. Johnson – Ebony Magazine.

George Parker invented his first board game at the age of 16. So, whenever you play Monopoly, think about George Parker and his brothers company – George S. Parker Company.

W. K. Kellogg developed cornflakes in 1896. That’s a long time ago, and we’re still eating his cornflakes.

In 1903, Henry Ford developed the first Model T car while tinkering in his garage. Today, Ford Motors is a household name and operates on a multinational level.

In 1948, Maurice (Mac) and Richard McDonald opened a new type of restaurant which prepared only a few items of food but served them quickly. This fast-food restaurant idea became an immediate success. You’ve been to a McDonald’s, haven’t you?

In 1934, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, two seventeen year-old high school students from Cleveland, conceived, wrote and drew Superman characters.

Have you heard about Microsoft? Well, Bill Gates and Paul Allen started the company in 1975.

In 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak released the Apple I computer and started Apple Computers.

Today’s most successful entrepreneurs include: Jerry Greenfield – Ben & Jerry’s, Jeff Bezos – Amazon, Howard Schultz – Starbucks, Larry Page & Sergey Brin – Google, Richard Branson – Virgin Group, Bill Gates & Paul Allen – Microsoft, Herb Kelleher – Southwest Airlines, Frederick Smith – FedEx, Phil Knight – Nike, Oprah Winfrey – Harpo/WIN, Michael Dell – Dell, Martha Stewart – Martha Stewart Living, Robert Johnson – BET, P. Diddy – Sean John, Jay Z – Rock Nation, Donald Trump – The Trump Organization.


Why Do Some People Choose To Be Entrepreneurs?

There are probably as many reasons as there are cell phones as to why individuals elect this profession.

Some of those reasons include:

  • The vast majority of entrepreneurs like the excitement and freedom of working on their own.
  • Entrepreneurs derive great satisfaction from their chosen professional field.
  • Entrepreneurs feel more secure self-employed than working as an employee elsewhere.
  • Entrepreneurs crave the challenge of trying something different.
  • Entrepreneurs have an idea or invention that they feel they “must” try out.
  • Entrepreneurs believe this avenue will enable them to acquire wealth quickly and cushion themselves against financial insecurity.
  • Entrepreneurs identify a gap in the marketplace and want to fill if.  
  • Others become entrepreneurs to solve a problem.

Dan Gerber started manufacturing baby food because his wife was spending all day mashing vegetables for their baby. Today, Gerber Products is a prime example of big business.

Some people become famous entrepreneurs by luck or by accident. William Wrigley, Jr. sold baking powder. In 1892, he began manufacturing chewing gum as a bonus for customers who bought his baking powder. Wrigley’s gum, not the baking powder, made him rich and famous.


Venture Ideas That Will Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!

Transforming home videos/slides to DVD, Computer Purchasing Consultant, Mobile Vending – Coffee, Juice, Snacks, Reading for Seniors or Blind People, Laundry Service/Pickup and Delivery, Computer Programming/Software Development, Lemonade Stand, Creating and Printing T-Shirts, Babysitting, Vacation Childcare, Educational Tutor, Music Lessons, House Painting, Snow Remover, Lawn Mowing, Raking Leaves, Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Graphic Design Service, Errand Service for Seniors, Garage Cleaning, Yard Service, Social Media Consultant, Online Internet Researcher, Computer Tutor, Tutoring Service, Moving Assistant, Voice Over Talent, Children Event & Party Planner, Web Design and Development, App Development, Gift Wrapping Services, Car Washing, or Invent Something.


How Hard Is It To Start A Business?

Starting and building a successful company is no simple matter. It takes a lot of courage, planning, dreaming, creativity, sacrifice, dedication, patience, and foresight. But it is done by many people every day. So, say to yourself: “If someone has been able to do it, I can do it too.” With a little bit of thinking, dreaming, luck and a lot of hard work, you may become an entrepreneur. You may even become rich or famous or both – how about that?



Do you have an idea for a good and different product or service?

Are you able to take responsibility?

Is there something you do well?

In what subjects do you make your best grades?

Do you have will-power and self-discipline?

Do you manage your time well?

Do you enjoy the company of other people?

Do you enjoy working with computers?

Do you understand that owning your own business often means working long hours?

Are you organized?

Teens, the good news for you is that many of the most successful people in business today started out as teenage entrepreneurs. This is your time – Think of a great idea! Those who achieve don't just have goals, they have BIG goals. Why can’t you be the next Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Jay-z or Martha Stewart?

Let’s hear of your great venture, and Global Teens World will give you the platform to reach our world-wide1.5 billion teen family.

Good Luck!!