GTW Teen:

Grandma Julie, could you tell the present teens one thing we do that shocks you?

Grandma Julie:

I remember when we were teenagers we were not allowed to talk too loud when we boarded the bus or the subway. Just this past week, I took the subway after school closed for the day. Oh, my God, the students were so loud I could not hear my sister who was sitting next to me. How could you be so loud to someone standing one inch from you? I pity your teachers; and I’m glad I’m not one of them.

GTW Teen: I agree we get a little loud when they let us out. I would send a message to all teens to keep their conversation down when they are on the bus or subway.

Grandma Julie: How are you going to reach all teenagers? Do you have a magic wand?

I can reach all teenagers from the GTW website, using the site’s blog.

Grandma Julie: We didn’t have a blog in my time. What’s that?

GTW Teen: In your time you might have called it a Notice Board.

Grandma Julie: Yes, we had a notice board where you pinned any useful information.

GTW Teen: The modern name is “Blog”.

Grandma Julie: You’re a good teacher. I bet you get all A’s?

GTW Teens: How did you know?

Grandma Julie: Grandma Julie know a lot, you know.

GTW Teen: You’re very delightful. I’ll come back for us to learn from each other.

Grandma Julie: I’ll be looking forward to it. Take care of yourself!

GTW Teen: I will, and thank you!