Imagine you’re travelling in a wooded area in Thailand with your favorite professional sports great, school coach, mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, seven-year old sibling, mom’s boss, math teacher, cable company staff, and family dentist. You are all excited about the adventure of going to see a magical waterfall and elephants that roam near the waterfall. But to get to the waterfall, you must cross a river and then walk for about a mile. To the surprise of everyone, the bridge that spans across the river is made of an old tree trunk. Everybody is scared, but you are anxious to get to the spectacle. You look at each other’s face, take a deep breath and get on the bridge. At the middle point of the river, the bridge breaks into two and you all fall into the deep river.

Now, if you have the chance to save one person at a time, who would you save first, second, and last?

Explain your decision.