To all 1.5 billion teens, we at Global Teens World would like to encourage you to learn how to write your life story – An Autobiography.

Try and write a good story about your life.

Teens, for this exercise, we would suggest you write about more positive things that you may experience – For example, if you improve your grades, help your parents, give good advice to your friend, attend an exciting sporting event, save a dog/cat, take a wonderful vacation with your parents, excel in a debate, read more books, teach your mom or dad how to use their new cell phone, buy a new tech equipment, celebrate a birthday or help an older person carry her grocery into her car, add it to your manuscript. These are the things we would love to read about.

When you experience a lovely day, or a snowy day and school is cancelled, you can record that. When a natural disaster occurs at where you live, record and tell us how you felt. If you, your family or friends provided any form of help, record that.

Try and be detailed in your description of events. For example, if your parents bought a new car, don’t just write: My parents bought a new Toyota SUV last week. We would like to know more than that. Tell us about the year, color, ride, how the sales person behaved, plus anything you can add to make the story very exciting.

To be very creative, you need to be focused. For that reason, we‘ve provided you with a picture of the ocean – a very serene one. Any time you do something great and want to record, go to our website and look at that picture. Then, imagine yourself being at that beach, thinking, dreaming and creating.

Teens, by starting to weave a captivating story now, you are laying the foundation for writing a “best seller” in the future to make you rich. Hey, maybe a Hollywood producer or director may like your story and turn it into a blockbuster movie. That will add another million dollars into your bank account.

Good Luck!