Super FAB (Fabulous)




victor agbafe

Victor Agbafe, 2015 High School Senior of Cape Fear Academy in Wilmington, North Carolina applied to 14 colleges – all 8 Ivy League Schools (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Penn, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth), as well as 6 top schools such as Stanford and Duke, and received acceptance to each one. Victor is one of 8 students this year who received acceptance to each of the Ivy League Schools – Congratulations!


kwasi enin

Kwasi Enin. 2014 High School Senior from William Floyd High School in Mastic Beach, N.Y. received acceptance to all 8 Ivy League Schools.


hotel on water

Hotels Standing on the Ocean

(I wonder how much it costs per night to stay in one of those bungalows. Maybe when you graduate from college and get a good job, you would take my mom and dad to stay there for 5 days. I believe they’ll like that.)


breakfast delivery

And, even your breakfast is delivered in a “very special way.”


pele beckam

Two Great Soccer Icons: Pelé and David Beckham


coral reef

Coral Reef – Australia

(I wished I was swimming with them.)


sports car

Is this a car or what?


ocean highway

Super highway across the ocean – science and technology at its best!

(Advise your mom/dad not to drive and talk on the phone or text on this marvelous highway.)


science class

Easy, easy girls – Science is fun and full of surprises!



After 4 years of hard work and some fun, these graduates seem happy to be leaving the coop – Yieee!

Congratulations to you all 2015 graduates!


mall acquarium

Dubai Shopping Mall Aquarium

(Do they stop watching the fish to go and shop? I wonder!)