The United States Presidential Election

Why is it that the United States presidential election takes nearly a year to campaign and pick the president?

If you want to know, here in Singapore, the campaign to elect the Prime Ministerand members of the parliament takes 90 days.

Lim Lee, Singapore



My question is: How did the ISIS come about? What caused them to form this organization? What is the aim of the ISIS? What do they really want?

Has the United Nations leadership considered meeting with the ISIS leadership to find a lasting peace between the ISIS and the rest of the world?

Ligaya Mendoza, Manila, Philippines


Who is better: Michael Jordan or Stephen Curry?

I always laugh when I hear teenagers and older people alike trying to compare the playing abilities of legendary Michael Jordan with outstanding Stephen Curry.

What people have to understand is that basketball is a team sport. Stephen is not playing with the same players Michael played. Secondly, the current players Stephen face from the present teams are not the same players Michael played against. Thirdly, when trying to make comparisons between two players who played at different times, one has to take into consideration the quality of the defense each player faced as well as the quality of his team mates.

In my opinion, Michael was great. I can say the same thing about the Golden State Warrior - Stephen. But, as to who is better - let’s say they are both great!

Jim Wright, Houston, Texas, United States


Going to college/university

I want to go to a university next year, but no one in my family has ever been to the walls of a university for me to tap into their experience. This makes it difficult for me to know what to expect. Are the teachers (professors) in college the same as the teachers in high school? Do they have a curfew in college/university in the dorms? I also want to know the challengers that most inner city candidates face when they are admitted into a university.

Susan Robeson, Philadelphia, United States


My Grades Have Improved

For the past three years, I’ve been having problems with my grades. I want to get an ‘A’ in every subject, but it seems to elude me. Not satisfied, I went and discussed my sad situation with my parents and they put some measures in place for me:

  1. They said I did not study at home, and complained about the amount of time I spent playing video games on weekends.
  2. They promised to find me a tutor to work with me on week-ends.
  3. They advised me to go and talk to my teachers and see what they could do to help. I did speak to my teachers and they promised to help me. My math teacher said my problem was that I did not pay attention in class. My science teacher said the reason I was not doing well was because I hanged out with the wrong people who did not value good education. My English teacher said I paid more attention to sports than academics.
  4. My counselor said an amazing thing that made me think deeply. She said, I could become the best student, but I did not push myself hard enough.

I took all their advice in, and I’m happy to say I have overcome my difficulty. Today I enjoy school. I play video games less. I keep awake in class. I read a lot, and my grades have improved tremendously. And now, I’m fully prepared to go to college/university next year!

Charles Johnson, Boston, Massachusetts, United States